Step by Step – Building the Sauna

We are flexible and love the creative element of sauna building.  Our first customer had a recycled wood-burning stove and a few piles of rough sawn pine and hardwood boards for siding.

I threw in some recycled material for the inside walls in the steam and changing rooms.

After meeting with the customer and sketching out a few design ideas, Ray and I started within a few days.

Pressure Treated Wood Base on Skids

2x4 Frame and Rough Sawn Pine Siding

Using Customer Supplied Rough Sawn Pine

Small Window Ventilates the Changing Room

Custom Built 2x4 Rafters with 2x6 Ridge

Cathedral Ceiling and Exposed Rafters in Steam Room

Customer Requested Upgrade to 1/2-inch Insulation Thermal Break

Barn board siding on the stove walls and turned 2 x 4 studs to conserve space.

A window into the steam room provides light from single lamp.

We place the (oversized) stove and a makeshift bench.

We discovered both pine and cedar in the recycled siding.

Finishing the framing detail for the last outside wall of the sauna.

We used recycled cedar and pine sheeting inside the sauna room.

We framed the opening large enough for bricks to line the opening for the stove.

We had enough cedar and pine for the third wall in the steam room.

We used customer-supplied wide-board maple flooring in the dressing room.

We used rough-sawn pine, recycled tongue-and-groove siding, and wide board maple materials in the dressing room.

Ready to install the steam room and outside doors.

Roug-sawn siding around the stove opening with enough room to inlay brick.

Rough-sawn siding on the walls of the porch enclosure.

Preview of what the steam room looks like from the top bench.

Ray Built a Pine Box with a Shelf for a Lantern. We slid the glass in grooves in the box.

A lantern sitting on the window sill will light both rooms.

We built a six-inch window spanning the doorway for additional light.

We finished the rough-sawn pine siding in the porch overhang.

We installed the outside door and finished the exterior siding.

We found an old warning sign with curious hyphenation. We laughed.

We used rough-sawn pine for the window trim and sill.

Ray installed the sauna room door.

Here is the 6-inch window over the door to let extra light into the sauna room.

We mixed five and a half, 80-pound bags of concrete for the 2-inch floor.

The concrete floor cures with a sloped surface towards the drain.

Ray prepares the roof for chimney flashing after installing the brackets for the triple-lined chimney pipe.

Ray trims the rough-sawn maple flooring on the porch.

We loosely set a tile board in front of the wood fired stove before affixing it later.

Dressing room with steam room door closed.

Triple-lined chimney pipe with rain cap and flashing.


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