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December 16, 2009

Sauna originated in Finland as the first dwelling for a young married couple. The newlyweds began married life in the well heated environment, gave birth to their first children, and raised the family in the sauna while building a more spacious and permanent dwelling during the long days of the brief Finnish summer.

The American-Finn owners of Somero Sauna emerge from this deep history to produce a modern outdoor sauna kit that provides healthy relaxation for the mind and body. In their shared Finnish history, families would nestle safely in the sauna during long, dark days of arctic winter. In today’s world, our customers close the door on the hectic pace of the world and relax while they sit in a hot Somero sauna.

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A Coop for Cape Ann

March 30, 2010

A few of us Somero’s delivered three coops last Saturday to the Blue Seal Store in Derry, NH and we are waiting for our first direct customer from Cape Ann, MA to coordinate pickup.

Coop 003 destined for Cape Ann, MA


Diversity: Backyard Chicken Coops

March 20, 2010

Raymond left today for a year-long construction assignment in Afghanistan, so his son and I diversified into backyard chicken coops.

A 4 to 6 chicken coop (3′ x 4′) sells for $495 and a coop for up to 12 hens (3′ x 8′) sells for $735. The coops are sized for delivery in a pickup truck.

Contact us and we will send you a brochure with more details.

– Tim

Backyard Chicken Coop for 4 to 6 Chickens

A Pair of Hens in a Backyard Chicken Coop


Chimney System

February 19, 2010

Ray and I installed a chimney system with weather-proof flashing. We only have a few more steps before our customer can light the woodstove for the first time!


If you see 878 in the phone number, hire them!

February 3, 2010

The concrete in the sauna floor cured long enough so I set the stove in place today and this afternoon I’m working on a tile board to set into the porch in front of the wood stove door.

On my way home, I picked up a computer at my aunt’s to do a check-up on and gave her information about the Somero Sauna business. She loved it!

She smiles with delight, ‘You know they always say, if you see 878 in the phone number, hire them!’

I like the marketing message, and although it is a bit outdated in today’s world with cellphone numbers, the message speaks clearly to the pride that the tradesmen in New Ipswich have for doing well for our customers.


Concrete is Curing

January 28, 2010

Yesterday we mixed five and a half 80 pound bags of quickcrete for the floor in the sauna.

Since we’re building this sauna in the cold weather, we have a small electric heater going to prevent freezing.

Ray finished the roof and we’re ready to install the stove and chimney system after the floor cures long enough.

Almost done!


Inside Windows

January 24, 2010

Early yesterday morning, Ray and I went to the sauna site.

‘We sure pick the cold mornings, don’t we?’ Ray asks.

I smiled and nodded. We created two pine boxes for windows between the steam room and the dressing room in the sauna. Then we finished the outside siding and installed the outside door.

We expect rain starting tonight, so we’ll be pouring the concrete in the steam room tomorrow.

Window Between Steam Room and Dressing Room


Complementary Skills

January 19, 2010

I nailed the third rough-sawn pine board in place today and stepped back.

I tilted my head to the side. ‘Uh oh.’

Ray is the lead carpenter for Somero Sheds and Saunas and he had some business meetings for Aptitude Construction today. We texted briefly last night and I made slow and steady progress on the siding. Until something seemed a little off kilter.

I laughed a little while I removed, leveled, and replaced the siding on the walls. I thought to myself, ‘Every good business has people with complementary skills.’

Rough-sawn siding on the front wall.